Z Inspired Shoot

Hi guys! It’s Cho, pretending to be the famous Z Yang! So, be prepared for a long post! Grab your popcorn and let’s get rolling!

First! I decided to climb this tree, to get a pic of my doll, Ivy. The tree is sturdy, so I didn’t fall!

Here I am taking photos of Ivy at another tree. I like to sit under it and think.

Here are the blossoms on that tree. For the first photo, I tried to make it look like the blossoms stretch on and on. I love the third photo!

This is my faviorite flower. Isn’t it so pretty? I love the close up I took! It’s Annecy’s fav.

These are kind of awkward photos of our birds of paradise. The first one is okay.
Here are some photos of our pretty yard.

Here o am just chilling, and Annecy went a leetle bit crazy with the cam. 😜 I normally wouldn’t wear this outfit, but it looks cute on me, if I may say so myself! If I wasn’t pretending to be Z, I wouldn’t. Aren’t those glasses so cute? Annecy got them today at the AG store.

Annecy: Here’s me! Hi! Peace out! And my boring shoes, but I do have cool converse my dad got for me.

Ivy and I got some shade by this huge strawberry plant pot. It was ginormous! I look a lot like Z here, even if my hair is messed up by the grass.

Here are some of the shots I took of Ivy. That first one is kinda weird. I bet Z would take better ones, but I like these a lot! Hey, I should check if there are strawberries!
Hmm, I only see a green one. Wait! There! A big, juicy one! Yeah, baby!

Yum! That suuure was good! I love homegrown fruits. I bet Z does, too, since she goes to the farmers market so often. And don’t worry, I wiped off the juice right away!

I wa staying to get a pattern shot of my jeggings, but failed. Though, this is pretty cool! I love how it shows the colors. Like, those cool colors, though! It will help for me and Gabis painting class.

And to polish this off, a lovely palm tree. They are very common, where I live. Unlike Seattle. Sigh. But I love it here! And tell me if you like my sign off! My very own!


Happy Birthday Shannon!

Hallo! Today, as you MAY know, is Shannon’s birthday. It’s her second birthday on this blog! Now, I’ll hand it over to Shamu to tell you all about her presents!

Hey! It’s Shannon here, the B Day girl! So, here I am with Juliet and a big pile o presents! No one really bothers to wrap stuff, so they tossed this pretty silken bedspread on top of the pile. Let’s start!
 (Sorry for the blurr!) So, first I got a new playground ball and a basketball. (The playground ball is old, but I love old stuff! And I’ll have to blow up that ball…(; ) I can’t wait to play!

Then I got a giant Ice Cubes Gum trash can! I love candy, so this is perfect! (Note: I was running out of ideas, okay?) 

I also got this ADORABLE marshmallow stuffie, hand sewn! It’s the Mallow Hatter, get it? No? Okay…moving on…

Next, I got this American Girl gift card, and I bought the birthstone earring set with it. I love them! Cho wants her ears pierced now..hee hee!

(Agh! The blurr!) So, then I got this $20 Amazon gift card. I’ll probably buy makeup or something… 

I got this awesome leotard for dance! It fits perfectly, and I just adore it!

 Then I got…shoes that I already own! This is the problem with having a birthday on April Fools…April Fools! I love pranks, but sometimes I dread it. If my birthdays on a school day, that is! (;
A purse!

Look at it all! 

There’s a mini doll chair…

A Shopkinz necklace…

 A muffin that I always bake for May (she probably wanted to try and Mae it for me herself)…

A misshapen powder puff (what did I say about pranks? This was really stupid, though…)…

A cute tie off headband (in Lea’s fav color…lol)…

A pic of my old school friend Hannah Abott and two hair ties (again, Lea)…

 A mini doll curling iron…

A piece of chalk…

And…OMG!! YESSSS!!! A…fake…phone…AAARGH!! Jeez! Some pranks are just MEAN!

Now…here are some (SOME. Like, none!) photos of the lovely birthday girl!

Shannon also sends her birthday greetings to all of you, and her friends made her this pretty card!
Bye guys, happy April Fools Day! Post a prank for me, will ya?
No, don’t! Lol! Thank you, and bye! ~ The best girl evah to walk the face of the earth   Shannon Parker-Campbell

Harry Potter Wand Gift

Hellooo! So, sorry about not posting…heh… anyways, I love HP, and so does my bff Kaelyn. It’s her birthday, so I made her a wand. Here’s my progress:

My wand that I made. It has super cool markings. I made the Deathly Hallows symbol, but I failed, so it’s a black triangle now. Lol

Here’s the box I was using. I kept it for doll crafts, but I never used it. I’m so glad I kept it! I knew it would come in handy. Funny story, my bros and dad called it a “Barbie coffin” because they used to have pink ones for barbies. Honestly, it looks like a coffin…

Here are the letters from “Ollivander.” Don’t worry, they’re not done yet… (;
Here is the wand label. As you can see, it’s nine inches and a little less than three centimeters, Phoenix feather core, and it’s dogwood. Not. But hey, we can pretend. It cannot do non verbal spells and is best at charms. (Hey, Professor Flitwick!)
Random photos much…I love my alcohol based markers! ❤ 

Here is the fake aging that I did with my Copics . (ohuhu, but whatever.)

I made some wizardry candy badges. I just printed these things out, and covered them with tape. You could really do anything…I donut know what they are…

This is what I’m basing (base ing?) my wrapping off of. But we’re not there yet!

       This is the Hogwarts ID card for Kaelyn. There are a ton of mess ups, but oh well. I’m actually gonna give this and a             Platform 9 3/4 ticket to Kaelyn when another gift (an acceptance letter! It’s SO. COOL.) arrives.

 The finished box. And my ice cream (salted caramel! Yum! ;p) and an edible LEGO brick (banoona, if you must know) to make you jealous. 

The finished wrapping! This gift is fully handmade, and I love it! My dad stuck the candy badges at the bottom of the box, and stuck the wand in red tissue paper, and slid in the notes from “Ollivander” in the side. It looked amazing! She’ll love it! Now, please tell me if you want a face reveal! Okay…bye!

Like it? I dunno… get it? Makers of fine BLOGS not WANDS? Although I did make Kaelyn’s wand, my wand, and my mom’s… oh well! Anyways, who are your five top fav Harry Potter characters? If you don’t know it, read it, watch it! Tell about another fandom then. Bye! Luv u! ~<3 ;3 😉 😀 XD

Read the last post first! Shut eyes and skip this!!











Name: Gabriela Dove McBride

Nicknames: Gabi, Brielle, Ella, Coco Puff

Personality: Shy at First, Semi Introverted, Bubbly After she Gets to Know you

Likes: Dance, Hip Hop, Poetry, Art, Animals, Music, DJing, Kalani Hilliker, Maddie Ziegler, Music Videos, YouTube

Dislikes: Snobs, Put Downs, No Inspiration, Stuttering

Movie: Princess and the Frog

T.V. Show: Dance Moms

Song: Jar of Hearts, Yellow, Chandelier, The Greatest, Mrs. Potato Head, Pieces

Artist: Sia, Melanie Martinez

Pets: A Cat with No Name

BFF: Shannon and Cho and Carmen (Carmen and her are SUPER close. Her and Cho too. Shannon, kinda.)

Who are you, anyway? A doll photo story 

Doll’s POV

I walked on the sidewalk, humming the song for my dance. I added a few moves, making the chilly walk a tad bit warmer. Then I stopped. Was this it? The tall, pink three story house with blue shutter and a white door. I squeezed my eyes shut and rapped a tune on the door.

A Asian girl in party clothes (I guessed for New Years) opened the door.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I…I I’m ” I stuttered. Stupid stutter. Having it sucked.

“Well I guess it doesn’t matter, ” She told me in her Scottish or Irish accent. Ahhh…it sounded so good. “Come in.” She said, taking my arm. “MAY!!” She yelled.

“IN THE STUDIO!!” May yelled back. The Asian girl dragged me to where I guessed was the studio.

I tossed my teal hair care bag onto the pile of clothes. 

“Hi!” The girls said. I waved. They were doing all sorts of things.

“Introduce yourselves.” The Asian girl said. “I’m Cho Chang.” I nodded.

“May BeGole.” I smiled. May was dressed like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. “I’m Ravenclaw, T-too.” I said. 

“I’m Carmen Celeste Martinez.” The next girl said with a British accent. I waved shyly back at her.

“Luna Campell.” Luna said, sticking her hand out for a shake. I shook it firmly.

“I’m Shannon Savannah Parker-Campbell. Luna is basically my twin, were quintuplets. Three other bialogical sisters.” I nodded vigorously as she explained.

“I am Coral Lea Clark, but you can just call me Lea or,” she glared at Shannon, who shrugged,”LiLi. No Lulu or Monkey.” I threw my hands up. “Okay!” I said, and everyone laughed. “Sorry, our hair is super messy. We didn’t get a chance to brush it, except for Cho, who was at a New Years party last night.” She continued. A New Years party. So I was right!

“What’s your name?” Asked Shannon. “Oh, my-my my name I is 

Gabriela Dove McBride. You can call me Gabi, Brielle, Ella, or just Gabriela.” I responded. I didn’t stutter too much! Yes!

” Okay Gabi” 

“Sure thing, Brielle!”

“We’ll be great friends, Ella!”

“I can’t believe your here, Gabriela!” 

I grinned. My forever home was a good one.


That’s right! I got Gabriela! She is such a cutie, and I love her! I got a craft from AG and decided to put her name on it. I made her middle name Dove! Thank you all for your suggestions, but when I got to the store, I decided I needed Gabi. Yes, I’m calling her Gabi mostly. I noticed how many nicknames you could make out of Gabriela, thus Brielle and Ella were born. Oh, and look what I found on her box!:

The 18″ Gabriela doll is available throughout 2017 and beyond.

Yes!! I wanna try and get her whole collection, I just am in love! Her accessories are too cute! I was waiting for the perfect Aftrican American doll to come around, and Gabriela is the one! I recommend her more than any other doll, so get her soon! Luv u all so much,

A Guest Post by a Visiting Doll

Um…Hi! I’m Cho. Cho Chang. 

I’m visiting the dolls. While I’m here, I’ll be puppy sitting Satchi, or Satchiko. Here’s me and Carmen:

And other pics.

Here are some facts about me:

I love Mulan! Who doesn’t?

I am Australian and Chinese and I can speak Chinese almost fluently. I work super hard, but challenges are always fun!

I love milk tea and Asian food. Mmmmm, Chow Mein and Fo noodles…

I love babysitting because little kids will not judge you.

I tend to only wear one outfit, but when I do photo shoots, I change

I love scary movies! 

I like DIYs and room decor. 

I have a doll named Ivy.

Dance Moms is my life!
I go to Hogwarts. I was Harry’s first crush! Try to spot me when you watch the movies!

I have an Irish or Scottish accent, and a lot of people like hearing me talk.

I’m not exactly shy, but I don’t jump into things right away. 

I’ll post two mini shoots of me later. Bye!

Fun finds November!

Hello! So here are some things I have found.

Sodas and lunch box: Rocket Fizz candy shop

Nutcracker and clipboard: Micheals.


The sodas are fizz candy. They look just like real sodas! You can get them on Amazon and a few candy shops.


The lunchbox is soooo cute! This one is really special because it has *squeee!* Ohara from Star Trek on it! I love it so much and is Luna’s, for she thy Latinate fangirl and Star Trek freak! Like me!


The nutcracker is perfect because Luna is Hanna play Clara in the Nutcracker and I JUST WATCHED IT!!! It is soooo cute and they had sooo many options!


Clipboard! I have been looking for this forever! And I found it! They are magnets which come with a pad of paper. I may DIY this because it is cardboard.

Bye! Fun finds forever!

Ps, I made this cute Aztec sock and Crybaby purse for Luna’s birthday. I’ll show you them later, cuz WordPress currently is mean. I can’t wait for her to open those, the Nutcracker, clipboard, and lunch box! The sodas are for everyone, and of course Santa! And if you read all this, tell me if you want a face reveal!



Craft: Doll Christmas Stockings

Hey! Today I’m gonna show you how to make a doll Christmas stocking.

First, take fabric from an old sock or just fabric, and draw a mirrored stocking with a Sharpie on it like so:


( sorry for the blurriness)

Next, cut it out.


You can also cut out any decor and sew it on now, if you would like. I did a grey strip for the top.


Then, sew the stocking in half. Trim the sides if you need to.


Now, sew the general shape of the stocking. Don’t sew the top together!


You can also sew a little loop to hang the stocking with.


And then it’s done! This is a Crybaby/Melanie Martinez stocking for Luna. Merry super early Christmas!



Random tree pics!


Holiday room! Yay! Byeee!



Frosty’s Food Truck Craft

Hello! Today, I made a cafe called Frosty’s Food Truck. Here are some pics. Order up, May! Btw, I guess this counts as a yummy world.


An overview.


The sign!


The pastries and cafe name.


Menu. Yum!


Candy jar for customers.


Work counter.


Frosty! With eggnog on his head! Hmmm…oh! He’s not real!


May in the hole! She’s wearing the holiday pajamas with an apron from Grace’s release along with an oven mitt from the same place. Thanks for reading! Hope this inspires you!